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Read-me for homicide map data

Homicide data:

The homicide data for the homicide map comes from official death records from SIM provided by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. We use information from ICD-10 to identify intentional homicides. Only homicides occurring in the the public way are displayed. For these, we use information on the address of occurrence and geocoded these addresses using Google Maps API. We restrict the homicides displayed to addresses for which we geocoded the address at rooftop or range-interpolated level. To preserve confidentiality of the homicide data, we drew a non-random sample (across space and time) from all homicides, added an error component to the displayed location and shifted the time period.

School data: 

Information on the location of schools comes from the Ministry of Education, INEP. We geocoded these addresses using Google Maps API. We display only schools where we geocoded the addresses at the rooftop and range-interpolated level. We restrict the sample to primary and secondary schools.

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